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Who is The IncuVestor?

As an IncuVestor, I work with small businesses to help them develop their foundation. When I help them to develop that foundation, I make sure that their organization has all of the checklists completed to make sure that they are legitimate, credible, fundable, and scalable businesses.

IncuVesting is when you are incubating a small business owner to grow and scale their business of passion and what they desire to create.

It comes with financial support to help them cash flow within an immediate time of them starting their business so that they can not only scale their business, but then be able to continue to service a business that is in transition.

IncuVesting is a way in which we can promote the longevity of a business.

We can promote the legacy of a business and we can continue to uplift their entrepreneurial career to understand how to really scale a business, and to also become investors, not only in their own business, but other businesses as well. It is a great opportunity for all business owners to learn what they’re passionate about.

  • It gives them an opportunity to learn how to build a business from scratch.
  • It teaches them how to acquire a business and to be a part of an acquisition.
  • It also teaches them how to continue sustaining and already establish business while also growing their brand, their client, and also their digital footprint while increasing the evaluation of the business.
  • It’s a fast track to really helping small business owners see profits within months and years of them starting versus having to do the slow grow, grow it organically over time, and taking the necessary investments to grow.

What is IncuVesting?

Who Benefits from The IncuVestor?

IncuVesting allows investors to support small business owners who are passionate and have the drive and motivation to sustain their business, to grow their business, and to apply that same application to an already established business that needs that same energy and revitalization to keep it going.

The Process of IncuVesting

I take everything into consideration with the foundation, from the name of the business, to its digital footprint, to its corporate structure, to its business professional setting, such as corporate address, phone numbers, and emails. Once that is developed and structured, I then help them to grow and scale their businesses through reaching and providing their services and products and offerings to clients that will continue to improve or increase revenue to their business.

As an IncuVestor, I continue to incubate them and consider purchasing businesses that are similar to them in nature. As an example, if there is a chef who’s really great at his personal chef business that has great reviews. However, he does not have a restaurant. If there is a restaurant for sale, I will consider the purchase of a restaurant to then incorporate his brand in an already cash flowing business, and then start to scale the restaurant and his brand to get more clients to then use both platforms and access to clients.

As an investor purchasing a business that will be added to my portfolio of businesses, the incubated business owner will then be provided support, coaching, strategy, and marketing to help support them to scale their business. By doing so, I ultimately assist the growth of the business that I would’ve purchased.

IncuVesting allows me to do is to purchase a business with a plan with a built by sell integration into the purchase. While I may purchase the business, I will provide the business owner equity, so they not only receive their salary, but as the business continues to grow, they get a portion of it. Over the course of three to five years, we then will arrange to increase the shares of the incubated business owner. And then, they can have the option to buy me out in three to five years or when they choose to, or I can sell the business for a higher multiple within the three to five-year mark, and they can go along with the business or again they can purchase the business from me.

Incubate Your Business With Me Today

If you are a business owner who is looking to start a business and would like to work in the Incubation Phase with an investment coach who can support you with not only the the development of your business but to actually inject you into an incubator please click this link below.

If you are an investor who are selling businesses and you would like to tap into business owners within our Inbucation, click the link below because it will allow us to connect your business with a passionate business owner to keep your business with a renewed management and passion, and you can see your business continue to grow and thrive when even when it changes hands.

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