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Creative Strategic Collaborative

Alleah Erica Clarke is an Investor, Business Structurist & Strategist, Mentor, and Coach. She is the Managing Consultant of AJ Cultured, a company that offers comprehensive coaching services tailored to each small business owners’ business development goals, and Culturnique, a full-service comprehensive digital design firm. She hailed from Manhattan, New York. Her passions lie in many areas such as pregnancy, birth and gestation, human rights, poverty and homelessness, marginalized communities, and injustices related to servitude. She sees herself as an educator, scholar, constant learner, healer, innovator, mentor, influencer, researcher, connector, and trainer, among many other roles in various aspects of her life.

Speaking Philosophy

Alleah Erica’s speaking philosophy is to highlight logical connectivity through storytelling and experience, relativity to the subject matter, and empower listeners to take action with the information provided to provide motivation.

Niches and Possible Topics

Mergers & Acquisitions

Fostering conversations about learned concepts in M&A from the top investors and leaders in the industry, including latest developments in key M&A trends.

Business Strategy

Providing unique and personalized coaching, training, education, and support to assist business owners in executing business development strategies, strategizing optimal longevity, maximizing reach, and ascertaining projections.


Understanding how to get in touch with and connect with business owners, developing a message that is tailored to them and their interests, and implementing funding-centric strategies focused on attracting investors and consumers.

Business Development

Recognizing the individual trajectory of a business while creating and implementing a plan that increases client’s capital and connection. Understanding the journey ahead and what's required to reach the ultimate goal, which is the vision of the business. When developing the overall business, there is a consideration of ideology, plans, initiative, and impact that will ultimately set the stage for a successful business.

Business Credit and Credit Repair

Helping clients better understand what creates good credit and what steps are necessary to maintain it by providing the tools you need to establish stronger credit profiles for both yourself and your business.

Digital Design

Leveraging business owners' digital design and influence by incorporating it with business strategy to reach their clients and obtain funding to ultimately enhance your brand's credibility, fundability, scalability, sustainability, and durability.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Understanding a more holistic modality of care that can facilitate better health by focusing on individualistic experiences and creating a platform for educating communities.

Gestational Coaching and Yoga

Understanding human anatomy and physiology, the power that lieswithin thatcan connect breath to life and body to journey and facilitating support to foster introversion

Sociology and Consumer Behavior

Recognizing consumer patterns, buying behaviors and motivations and understanding the importance of the consumer.

Human Behavior and Its Correlation to Business

Raising awarenesssurrounding people’s ability to disconnect from being an employee to move to an employer to business owner and shifting mental framework to adjust to non-employeework mindset.

Partnership Perks

For every collaboration with Alleah Erica Clarke as a podcast guest, our digital design team will create the following branded marketing materials provided that all digital assets required will be submitted at least one month prior to podcast launch and two weeks post-airing:

One (1) Blog

One (1) Press Release

Two (2) Digital Assets

One (1) Commercial