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The Business Coach You Need to Help You Thrive in 2022

Coach ‘Leah is a highly experienced business coach and strategist who works with you to hold you accountable and develop a long-term strategic plan based on your unique set of needs, experiences, interests, and goals.

Business Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

Business Coaching is NEVER a one-size-fits-all experience. Coach ‘Leah emphasizes the importance of providing customized business coaching to ensure that your business thrives, which is why she desires to meet you wherever you may be on your journey as a business owner. Look forward to experiencing individualized support, nurturing accountability, and collaborative guidance from ‘Coach Leah.

Gain Access to Strategic Business Information and Profitable Resources

Small business owners are inundated with information, which might even cause more harm to their businesses than good. Quite frankly, it has become a challenge to dispel the noise and eliminate all of the fluff circulating in today’s environment. Coach Leah’s experience, expertise, and resources will help you acquire relevant and necessary information for you to witness stable growth and long-term success within your business.

Tired of Paying for Business Strategy Courses that DON’T Deliver Solutions?

Business coaches exist for a reason. Access to the course creators is oftentimes limited because of course-wealth facilitation. A person who creates a course does not make them a coach. With over 15 years in the industry, Coach ‘Leah is a business coach and strategist that reviews vital information and navigates through various resources to compile profitable information that will keep you grounded in your journey as a business owner.

Courses complement coaches because they review footage for the benefit of their team. Likewise, a business strategy coach can navigate through and utilize readily available business strategy and structure courses to compile beneficial information that will help eliminate the fluff and excess noise.

Alleah Erica Clarke

– Managing Consultant, AJ Cultured

Trusted, Reliable, and Effective Business Coaching

Coach ‘Leah has fostered unique and productive collaborative relationships with over 60 clients throughout her coaching career. Listen in on the diverse experiences of Coach ‘Leah’s coachees who have already graduated from her Business Strategy Programs and are now celebrating numerous milestones along their respective entrepreneurial and coaching journeys.

A Business Strategist Conquering a
Myriad of Initiatives

Businesses fail not because they lack a good product or funding, but because they lack structure.

Coach ‘Leah is a versatile and passionate individualist and humanist who strives to make things happen for herself and the communities closest to her heart. Explore the breadth and depth of her impact and influence on numerous communities that have recognized the intrinsic value of her being.


Couch to Paydex by Alleah Erica Clarke

A comprehensive book about the fundamentals of business structure and the logic behind building a business.