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Alleah Erica Clarke

Investor, Coach, Speaker


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Alleah Erica Clarke is an Investor, Mentor, Business Structurist, Strategist, and Development Coach, and Managing Consultant of her organization, AJ Cultured LLC., and The Consultant of her digital design firm, Culturnique. She is also an active board member of the Birth Rights Bar Association in Canada and holds the Vice President of Marketing position. She hailed from Manhattan, New York, and was born in the 1980s. Her passions lie in many areas such as pregnancy, birth and gestation, human rights, poverty and homelessness, marginalized communities, and injustices related to servitude. She sees herself as an educator, scholar, constant learner, healer, innovator, mentor, influencer, researcher, connector, and trainer, among many other roles in various aspects of her life. 

Alleah Erica is an unyielding woman who refuses to be wavered by fear, as fear entails the unwillingness or hesitation to accept what will come. She is a woman that lives in perpetual change, ready to conquer life where adaptability is essential. Ultimately, this is something that makes her unpredictable and unique. This is why many people know her as Sorpresiva or “Woman of Surprises” and “The Anomaly.” As a woman of surprises, she has an innate ability to astound the people around her by fostering lasting collaborative networks and providing resources and opportunities that others would rarely hand over. She strives to look for ways to improve herself and others at every opportunity. She sees herself as a changemaker that sees fulfillment in supporting and uplifting the individual instead of the masses. 

She is known by many as the Queen of Magnetism and Manifestations. Believing that every decision she has made led her to divine alignment, her life experiences paved the way to create this identity. Like most of us, Alleah has faced a lot of tribulations in life, including not having enough for her and her child. For a significantly large part of her life, she was deprived of participating in a community because she is distinctive in what she does. She lost a lot of community to pursue her dreams and didn’t conform. To get past this, she created new communities and connections and stood proud in her strength and doing something different that benefits people other than herself. But, alas, with her unbending desire to conquer, the stars have indeed aligned for her to have a better experience. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she fostered connections as a virtual community assembler, DJ, and yoga instructor. Having overcome those trials, one of the things that drive her is to provide other people with resources and opportunities that weren’t given to her when she needed them most, including time, energy, and money. She can provide because she can, and she has. Time and time again, she has proven to herself and the people around her that she has everything she needs and even more.

Short Bio

Alleah Erica Clarke is an Investor, Business Structurist & Strategist, Mentor, and Coach. She is the Managing Consultant of AJ Cultured, a company that offers comprehensive coaching services tailored to each small business owners’ business development goals, and Culturnique, a full-service comprehensive digital design firm.

Digital Marketing Biography

Alleah Erica Clarke is an Investor, Business Structurist & Strategist, Mentor, and Coach. She is an enthusiast in studying human behavior, observing human behavior and patterns, and understanding social media and marketing and their impact on a small business owner. Having been an entrepreneur for 16 years, Alleah Erica recognizes the importance of how small business owners reach their clients. This is why, as a marketeer, Alleah Erica emphasizes the importance of understanding the extensive dynamics of publicity, sales, marketing, and branding. Her philosophy as a marketeer relies heavily on her appreciation of all aspects that influence marketing and what marketing influences. Regardless of which entrepreneurial venture she’s on, Alleah Erica dedicates herself to being on an educational mission to help small business owners expand their digital footprints. Through digital marketing, Alleah Erica is certain that entrepreneurs like herself can see profound changes in their businesses through an extensive and in-depth digital footprint that allows them to see themselves on various channels and platforms.

Alleah Erica’s excitement for being a marketeer led her to establish Culturnique, her full-service comprehensive digital design firm. She prides herself on Culturnique as it is a unique experience that empowers her dynamic team to exhibit their talents to the world by supporting small business owners in establishing a digital footprint that will help them broaden their reach and market their brand. In every capacity, Alleah Erica’ combines her business coaching, marketing analysis, structuring, and development strategies with digital design and marketing, thus allowing her to understand what it takes for each clients’ digital footprint to grow. She intends to solidify the identity of Culturnique as a digital design firm that allows clients to get to where they want to be, propel their brands to higher heights and newer sites, hold businesses accountable to their journeys, and ultimately influence change.

Investor Biography

In 2020, Alleah Erica set out to help small business owners to grow and scale their businesses to ultimately help transform their businesses to create a significant amount of trust in her work ethic, deliverables, and how she is as a coach and supporter to a small business owner’s journey. Alleah Erica has had a vast experience as an entrepreneur in all phases of it, from trying to sell a business that didn’t work, starting a business from scratch, having a team, and coaching small business owners and their respective journeys. All these experiences have given her enough information to hone the skills of strategizing and foresight. This skill set has significantly impacted and supported herself and other small business owners.

The mission behind her coaching is to establish a force of small business owners that have collectively grown their businesses with her, to which she could give them deals or present deals to invest. With the vast knowledge and experience that Alleah Erica has had with business development and structuring business, she has created and forged quite a few relationships. Her competence, deliverables, and overall stance in their journey would allow her more consideration, warm contact, and business relationships that would ultimately allow them all to invest together. 

Alleah Erica’s foresight, skills, experiences, ability to create with just the knowledge and skill set that she has, and ability to learn and observe introduced her to the many possibilities of becoming an investor. Stepping into this new role, Alleah Erica has been leveraging capital as well as skill sets that she’s had and acquired to then facilitate and help orchestrate tables of professionals that are greater than her. Having been in every quadrant of “The Cash Flow Quadrant” by Keith Cunningham and Robert Kiyosaki, from employee to self-employed to an employer and now being an investor, she is uniquely positioned to better connect people and resources. Alleah Erica has been able to run her own business and now has been positioned above more businesses as an investor, and she’s been augmenting both information and experience that allows her to grow several businesses without her being directly involved in any of them. 

Alleah Erica’s impact as an investor has opened up more prospects for skilled individuals to have more jobs, experiences, and opportunities to develop greater organisations and projects, allowing for a greater round table of investors, furthering her identity as an investor and uplifting small business owners. Becoming an investor also allowed Alleah Erica to empower the businesses that she owns to scale to greater returns for her and for her professional executive teams that are managing them. Being the brilliant visionary that she is, her role as an investor allows her to oversee each business from an outside perspective to allow her the creative space to provide tools, suggestions, feedback, and execution. Her understanding of the importance of investing in businesses and giving opportunities to those skilled at what they do allows her to empower people to be their better selves, ensuring that these businesses not only thrive but also strive for greater success. Her influence has enabled other businesses to become leading-edge organisations that create significant products of influence and impactive change.

Business Structure & Strategy Biography

Alleah Erica stands out as a business development coach as she is willing to take on the role that substandard business coaches avoid and provide resources in areas where people lack time to devote to individual journeys. She focuses on delivering tailored experiences for anyone she comes across daily. Throughout her career, Alleah has learned the precedence of caring for people because this kind of attention and support drives others to do better and go further. She is adamant about leveraging her intuition, invention, creativity, grace, understanding, enthusiasm, drive, and tenacity in every aspect of her being. That is why with communication, community, consciousness, and collaboration entwined together, she is ready to take over the world. Having pervasive knowledge of all parts of business, Alleah Erica coaches on a wide array of different experiences, including but not limited to sociology, business structure, marketing, and just client relations. Her vast toolbox allows her to provide the necessary tool for each coachee to have the tool they need to build their success.

Alleah Erica has witnessed several aspects of coaching that have evolved over her coaching career. Having been a small business owner, entrepreneur, and employer, she recognizes that people are trying to follow a formula that may not necessarily propel them in business. This inspired her to transfer her coaching as new information that seems to be new but also has been around for years to evolve for small business owners to develop their businesses faster. As a coach, Alleah Erica understands what it’s like to see players and their potential. According to her, “You can fall in love with the potential, but if you don’t give the person who possesses the potential the tools and the support, they can never truly step into the power that they have as an individual.” Many times, people can be significantly more successful if they have the right coach that really tailors their journey to them. This is why, as a coach, she recognizes where people are and the tools that will benefit them. On the same note, she promotes the idea of providing the right resources at the right time for the right person to help them to maximize their reach, growth, and deliverables as a business owner.

Moreover, Alleah Erica is also a heavy reader, which she leverages with every coachee she crosses paths with. Her philosophy is that she can’t give the same book to everybody as some books would already be information that others may know. This is why Alleah Erica is the biggest advocate for tailored and strategic coaching, which empowers small business owners with guidance and support for their respective journeys. This, in turn, furthers Alleah Erica’s identity as both a structurist and strategist as she compels business owners to consider the very basic parts that make stronger businesses in the long run—the proper business foundation and structure. 

Managing Consultant Biography

Alleah founded AJ Cultured on the 27th of July in 2017 to provide a wide range of services for small business owners or “solopreneurs.” With the help of talented people equally as excited to participate in the work that she’s doing, AJ Cultured is an ecosystem that strives for collaborative, communicative, supportive, and organic growth. AJ Cultured’s vision is to create a corporate and responsible ecosystem that fosters growth, change, and innovation through business, development, digital real estate, and entrepreneurialism. On the other hand, its mission is to enable and empower small business owners with tools to build solid corporate foundations that will propel their organization and fuel sustainability. She describes her organization as Cultured, which means that it is a refined, unique, and comprehensive experience for all people involved. She also believes that her organization is Experiential because you have to experience AJ Cultured. It’s not a product; it’s very tailored, a unique experience. Finally, she thinks AJ Cultured is Connective, with the ability to integrate information, resources, people, businesses, and networks. 

Having been a solopreneur herself, she understands the responsibilities and struggles of small business owners that strive to see their visions through. For the most part, Alleah wants to address the concerns of solopreneurs, including not having enough time, resources, and workforce, not having people that would guide them along their journey, and not knowing how to grow their business or not having a community that understands. She founded this organization to allow her to do what she loves: help people and become a vehicle of change. In the same way, AJ Cultured allows Alleah to guide her clients to where they want to be, help propel their organizations to higher heights and newer sites, hold businesses accountable for their growth, and ultimately influence change. As for its team members, Alleah envisions each individual’s growth to establish solid support systems within the team that will translate to clients. Alleah intends to solidify the identity of AJ Cultured as a change-making consultant agency where they take agency in change to anyone else that comes across the company. 

Through AJ Cultured, Alleah aims to eliminate waste and processes that delay the growth and development of her clients’ businesses and filter the norms to provide them with a more tailored experience for clients to take away the blanket experiences that they’ve been conditioned to conform to. With the hopes of expanding and establishing the presence of AJ Cultured in every facet of the business industry, Alleah aims to provide more opportunities and resources for solopreneurs. Alleah strives for AJ Cultured to become a multi-business organization with an established/prominent presence in various industries such as renewable energy, technology, real estate, and tourism. However, Alleah’s ultimate goal for AJ Cultured is to be a multimillion-dollar company that can cater to as many clients as possible with the help of thousands of people that share her visions. With this goal in mind, she aims to invest in different causes, organizations, and businesses that want to make an indelible mark in the world. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Student Practitioner Biography

Alleah studies Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine in Toronto, Canada. Her driving force in pursuing this field is her experience with Thai massages, which she thoroughly enjoyed and found meditative. Having provided bodywork services to clients in the U.S., she discovered that each body told a different story. This fueled her to undergo extensive training in prenatal and advanced techniques. Eventually, she found herself self-studying and doing more research on acupuncture. She is currently looking to establish a platform called Acu•Convos, an avenue for acupuncturists and practitioners from the IBPoC community to share their experiences and knowledge regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Efforts such as Acu•Convos involve her interests and personal advocacies, which she thinks will help her become an invaluable resource for other people.

Birthwork & Gestation Biography

Alleah Erica Clarke is a commited lifelong student of gestational studies and physiology, extensively studying all things related to perinatal care. With deep passions for learning, creating, and educating, Alleah Erica recognised a undervalued space in the gestational journey of an Expectant. As as a yoga and breathwork teacher, childbirth educator, Thai Bodywork practitioner, gestational and birthing coach,  she observed the great focus on the birth experience and a greater need for more gestation guidance.

Since 2011, Alleah Erica has been vastly committed to helping expectants navigate their pregnancy by way of yoga. Becoming a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner, she wanted to help coach gestational partners to better assist the everchanging gestational body to help the birth place experience. She enjoys teaching moms and their partners new ways to enjoy their pregnancy journey. 

Finding joy in aiding students and clients to connect to their inner selves, their intuition, and their very individualised journeys, she utilises her education, knowledge, and talents to assist and coach Expectants and their partners to have healthier, active, and supported pregnancies, stronger bodies and journeys, and greater bonds. Alleah Erica’s specialty is maximising the time afforded to an Expectant during gestation. Putting all of her experiences, findings, practices, and knowledge together, she created her first book, The Gestation Coach, to help other birth professionals and gestation enthusiasts make lasting impacts on the journey to the birth space.  

Alleah Erica is a native New Yorker, a mother of a vibrantly, spirited soul, and a student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. When she’s not writing, studying, or playing with her little, you can find her whipping up an amazingly delicious and nutritious meal or curled up reading literary fiction.

Yoga Instructor Biogaphy

Alleah Erica Clarke is an advanced trained yoga teacher proficient in teaching seniors, adults, children, and pregnant students with a speciality in gestational, partner and postpartum support. With a deep passion to help those around her to reconnect to their breath, Alleah Erica finds great joy in aiding students to connect to their inner selves by way of movement. Having experienced a loss of a precious loved one, Alleah has made it a life long commitment to help support and coach women and partners as a yoga teacher, childbirth educator, gestational and birth coach, to have healthier pregnancies, stronger bodies, and foster bonds between mommy, baby and partner, gestationally and in postpartum, while developing stronger communities and partnerships. Working with prenatal and postnatal students, she is enabled to combine her immense love of yoga, healthy living, and the beauty of Motherhood with her love for children, all while having fun. As an advocate of mental health care, all of her offerings, servicings, connections makes a great recipe for bettering the communities that she is deeply passionate about.