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Unique as She Comes, Unique as She Coaches.

Alleah Erica Clarke

Investor. Connector. Coach. Creative. Chef. Author. Business Strategist. Photographer. Poet. Philanthropist. Mompreneur. Yogini. Strategist Jedi. Business Geek.

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Alleah Erica Clarke,
The Anomaly

Alleah Erica Clarke is an Investor, Business Strategy and Development Coach, the Managing Consultant of her organization, AJ Cultured, and The Consultant of her digital design firm, Culturnique.

Creative. Strategic. Collaborative.

She has an innate ability to astound the people around her by fostering lasting collaborative networks and providing resources and opportunities that others would rarely hand over.


The Anomaly




As an investor, Alleah Erica has been leveraging capital as well as skill sets that she’s had and acquired to facilitate and help orchestrate tables of professionals that are greater than her. Witness Alleah Erica’s innovation as she supports small businesses develop their foundation to become legitimate, credible, fundable, and scalable businesses.

Looking For Your Next Guest Speaker?

Gain a better understanding of Alleah Erica’s Speaking Philosophy, Niches and Possible Topics, and Partnership Perks by browsing through her Media Kit.

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Trusted, Reliable, and Effective Business Coaching

Alleah Erica has fostered unique and productive collaborative relationships with over 60 clients throughout her coaching career. Listen in on the diverse experiences of Alleah Erica’s coachees who have already graduated from her Business Strategy Programs and are now celebrating numerous milestones along their respective entrepreneurial and coaching journeys.

A Business Strategist Conquering a Myriad of Initiatives

Alleah Erica is a versatile and passionate individualist and humanist who strives to make things happen for herself and the communities closest to her heart. Explore the breadth of her impact and influence on numerous communities that have recognized the intrinsic value of her being.

Alleah Erica Beyond Coaching

With her innate nature to create and understanding the elements of branding, Alleah Erica has taken pride in creating various brands representing the work she offers, what she’s passionate about, and the distinction of that particular offer. Her brands an extension of ways in which she can connect to people who can benefit from the offering of that brand.


A Taste of Alleah Erica’s Coaching